Apple Makes 95 Percent Of Smartphone Profits According To Report

iPhone 6S

Apple’s iPhones are incredibly popular, although there are some smartphone makers like Samsung who sell more handsets each year.

According to a recent report by Canaccord, Apple makes around 94 percent of the entire smartphone industry profits.

This is up from 92 percent of the smartphone profits from July and Apple’s sales of their handsets are expected to be strong through the holiday season.

“Apple dominated the premium-tier global smartphone market during calendar Q3, with record share of industry profits,” Walkley said in the report. “We believe the iPhone 6 and 6S products should continue to post strong sales and high-end smartphone market share gains.

“With only 31% of the iPhone installed base having upgraded to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices by Apple’s fiscal Q4 2015 (ended Sept. 26), we anticipate continued strong replacement sales through calendar 2016 and beyond.”

Whilst Apple may not be selling the most smartphones when you count the actual handsets sold, it is apparently making the majority of smartphone profits.

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