Raspberry Ketone – effects and knowhow

When it comes to weight management and weight loss, among all the non-prescription weight loss aids raspberry ketone is considered the best choice. It can do miracles in fat burning. So with this advantage people promote this as a great fat burner. They even promote it like just take this supplement and weight loss will begin without doing anything. Of course these are marketing gimmicks because a weight loss aid can help only when it is accompanied by few things like good diet plan and planned set of activities.

Before going for any weight loss aids, one should understand that supplement properly. So get to know things like how it is beneficial in weight loss?, what is the dosage?, are they for your present health condition?.

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The wonderful aroma of the red raspberry is due to the presence of ketones in it. Along with giving wonderful smell, there are number of effects that this ketone can cause. ketones are a byproduct of fat metabolism. Ketones are naturally released in the body when the body does the process of breaking the fat to produce energy.

The main source when it comes to energy in the body, it is carbohydrates. To drop weight, people usually go for low carb diets. This may lead to scarcity of glucose in the body. So at this point body will go and look for fat stores for energy production.


Today ketone supplements are easily available online and many of the natural food stores as well. These are sure to provide many health benefits to users. But they are mainly used with the aim of weight loss. That is the reason they have become part of obesity treatment programs and weight loss management programs. It is also effective as an antioxidant, it can improve cholesterol, and it can be used an anti-inflammatory.

Raspberry ketone is very effective in suppressing the synthesis of cyclooxygenase-2 and nitric oxide synthase. These are enzymes which are responsible for many functions in the body like vascular support, peristalsis, and insulin secretion. Synthesis of messengers called prostaglandins are speeded up by cyclooxygenase-2 which results in inflammation. So, raspberry ketone is very effective as an anti-inflammatory agent.

When it coems to regulating cholesterol levels, raspberry ketones can act as anti-fat agent. It can increase HDL and decrease LDL. It is even effective in reducing triglycerides in the blood. These effects help in decreasing the creation of plaque in the arterial walls. So hardening of arteries and arterial sclerosis are reduced. So, raspberry ketone can be effective in reducing the risk of cardiac conditions and high blood pressure.

Studies conducted on rats revealed that raspberry ketone is a very effective anti-oxidant especially for the one who is following high fat diet. One can prevent damages to the healthy cells in the body that will be caused by free radicals.

Since raspberry ketone has the ability to enhance oxidation of fatty acids, it is very effective in the treatment of obesity as well as weight loss management programs.

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