Adobe Launches New Scanning App With Text Recognition

Adobe has launched a new scanning app on Android with text recognition capabilities called Adobe Scan. The new app makes it possible to easily and conveniently scan documents anywhere with your smartphone or tablet and then convert those scans into PDF documents to share or to simply store in your Adobe Cloud account. It uses Adobe Sensei to provide advanced image processing, with the ability to not only capture but also correct images when necessary before transforming them into PDFs. It also offers full integration with Adobe Document Cloud. The Chief Technology Officer at Adobe, Abhay Parasnis said of the newly launched app, “Adobe Scan, powered by Adobe Sensei’s intelligent services, represents a critical step toward our broader innovation imperative for Adobe Document Cloud.”

The new Adobe Scan app is different from other mobile document scanning apps. Adobe Sensei technology allows the app to automatically detect boundaries, auto-crops images, removes shadows, corrects the perspective, and sharpens the text, making it clear and easy to read. Adobe Scan is perfect for tasks such as filing away receipts, digitizing tax documents, and even capturing clear images of information on whiteboards. The app offers free automatic text recognition (OCR) which means that any document with printed text will be automatically converted into digital text. Using Acrobat Reader DC or Acrobat DC, the text can then be highlighted, copied and annotated and it is then securely stored in a conveniently searchable PDF. There is no limit on how many pages a user can scan either. The app is completely free to both download and use, but an Adobe ID will be required to gain access to the app’s features.

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