Lenovo will “never phase out” its brand for phones despite Motorola’s comeback

Maintaining two brands in the same industry is tough. Lenovo, however, doesn’t seem to mind the challenge. It’ll continue selling phones with its own name while the Motorola brand makes a comeback.

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing spoke to Reuters about changes going on within the business. After becoming profitable again in March, the executive revealed there are no plans to stop selling Lenovo-branded mobile devices. They’ll exist alongside Motorola-branded mobile devices and possibly in the same markets.

When asked about ditching the Lenovo brand, the executive gave this concise line:

“We will never phase out Lenovo.”

The decision to keep both brands is puzzling because the Motorola brand is well-known worldwide. Although damaged a few years ago, Google and Lenovo did a solid rebuilding. But, in 2016, Lenovo decided to drop “Motorola” and focus on “Moto” for about a year. Fortunately Lenovo opted to bring back Motorola this year. It looks like the company realized people are more familiar with the legacy brand than name attached to the devices.

Expect to see the Motorola brand pushed this summer when a new wave of devices become official.

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