Google’s Contacts App Is Now Available for All Android Users

Google’s Contacts app has been exclusive to Pixel, Nexus, and Android One users till date, however, moving forward, all Android phone users can now use the app instead of the inbuilt one forced on them by OEMs. Google has now made its Contacts app available on Google Play as a free download.

The app can only be installed on any Android device running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. If you’re looking for a cleaner interface for your contacts, with nifty features like multiple Google accounts integration, this app is for you. Once you download the Contacts app on to your smartphone, it will automatically detect the Gmail account your smartphone is linked with, and pull all the contacts from cloud. It will furthermore also display all the contacts stored on your phone as well, and let you switch between them easily, just by the tap of a button on the top left edge in sidebar menu. You can add multiple Google accounts into the Contacts app, and switch between them easily. You can add link more than one Google account on to the Contacts app, for example, one can be for work contacts and the other can be for personal use.

Google's Contacts App Is Now Available for All Android UsersApart from this, the app allows you to backup, sync, merge contacts, and clean up duplicate contacts as well. It also gives you automatic suggestions for adding additional information to your existing contacts as well. Just like any traditional Contact app, it allows you to manage, edit, and add information to existing contacts as well.

As mentioned, it is a neat app for all those who aren’t so crazy about their tweaked Contacts app on Samsung, LG, and other smartphones. Google’s Contact app for Android users can be found here.

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