Facebook to Feature Local Politicians’ Posts in News Feed to Aid Civic Engagement

Amid allegations of fake news on Facebook affecting election results, social networking giant Facebook is testing a feature that slips “top posts” from local politician’s into your News Feed.

The feature will appear not more than once per week, and only for users who follow at least one local, state or federal representative from their area, Recode reported on Friday.

“We are testing a new civic engagement feature that shows people on Facebook the top posts from their elected officials,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

“Our goal is to give people a simple way to learn about what’s happening at all levels of their government,” the spokesperson added.

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Photo Credit: Recode

But what you see would not be based on political affiliation.

The social networking site will only slip posts with highest engagement regardless of political party, according to the spokesperson.

Facebook has been trying to get its user base involved in politics for some time now. This new feature is expected to encourage more politicians to be social media savvy.