Airtel Data Roll Over Offer Goes Live: Your Leftover Data Now Carries Forward to Next Month

Airtel last month announced the Data Roll Over Promise, under which postpaid subscribers could enjoy leftover data from the previous billing cycle in their current billing cycle. Scheduled to go live on August 1, the offer is now available for all consumers now, even though some users had started receiving the benefits a little earlier. As Airtel had mentioned previously, the Data Roll Over Promise is available only to the company’s postpaid subscribers, and has not yet been extended to its prepaid or broadband users.

How Airtel data roll over offer works

As an example, if a postpaid subscriber – whether personal or corporate – with 10GB per month plan consumes only 8GB of the data in July, the remaining 2GB data will be carried forward to the August billing cycle. This way, the consumer will have 12GB data instead of the regular 10GB. The data will be carried forward automatically, without the user having to contact Airtel for it. The Airtel data roll over benefits will reflect in the MyAirtel app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. A SMS will also be sent by the operator, mentioning how much unused data has been added to the current cycle’s data cap.

Airtel Data Roll Over Offer Goes Live: Your Leftover Data Now Carries Forward to Next MonthPart of Airtel’s Project Next, the Data Roll Over Promise has a cap too – users can carry forward maximum up to 200GB to the next billing cycle. The offer is applicable on Data Booster packs, but not on SmartBytes, Pre on Post, and Per Day GB plans. If the consumer is on a family plan, the leftover data can be shared with others on the plan as well.

Notably, the data will not be rolled over to the next month if the consumer switches to a plan of lower value, and all the leftover data will be forfeited. Therefore, while changing plans, the value of the new plan must be higher than the current one’s in order to carry forward the data.