Walnut Halwa, Doodhi Halwa And More: 5 Nutritious And Delicious Halwa Recipes

Walnut Halwa, Doodhi Halwa And More: 5 Nutritious And Delicious Halwa Recipes

  • Halwas are adored by desis around the world
  • Halwa is by nature rich and decadent but it can be made healthier
  • Halwas can be made from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds

One of the most popular desi desserts is the halwa, which is essentially a dense confection made from cooking food grains in milk and ghee. Although desis around the world adore this confection and enjoy it on special occasions. The halwa is a popular dessert in several cultures and cuisines around the globe. Halwa and its various avatars are also popular in the Middle East and central Asia, as well as in the Eastern Europe and parts of Africa. You may know halwa as a sweet that is made from flours like wheat flour, semolina flour etc., but it can be made from any number of ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and nut butters.

Halwas are, by nature, rich and decadent, due to the presence of fat-rich ghee, full fat milk and lots of sugar. But to make halwas more nutritious, you may use fibre-rich vegetables and fruits and nutritious seeds, in lieu of refined flours. If you’re looking for a more nutritious dessert, then we have a whole range of halwa recipes, and although these recipes mention sugar, you may use any natural sweetener of your choice instead of refined sugar in these recipes.

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Nutritious Halwa Recipes

1. Khus Khus Halwa Recipe

Poppy seeds, or khus khus seeds, are beneficial in numerous ways. From improving bone strength to digestion to even fertility, these seeds have been said to be healthy for various body functions. This khus khus halwa recipe contains poppy seeds, makhana, almonds, pistachios, ghee and milk.

dum6tekoHealthy Halwa Recipes: Khus khus halwa

2. Doodhi Ka Halwa Recipe

Doodhi, or lauki, is a low-calorie vegetable that also has high water content, but it is typically considered boring and bland. This halwa is proof that lauki can be made in a delicious way as well. This recipe uses jaggery instead of refined sugar as a sweetener, which is always a healthier option than the former.

3. Pumpkin And Apple Halwa Recipe

Pumpkin in a halwa? Kaddu, or pumpkin, is another supposedly boring vegetable that can be turned into a delicious, nutritious and unique halwa. This recipe adds apples to the mix for a fruity flavour. The sweet cooked pumpkin pulp is mixed with mashed apple pulp and then cooked in ghee and aromatic spices for a warming halwa.

4. Walnuts Halwa Recipe

One of the healthiest nuts out there, walnuts can also be turned into halwa. The nut that has a number of health benefits, including improvement in heart health and anti-inflammatory properties, is also a delicious dessert ingredient. This walnut halwa is made from soaked walnuts, or akhrot, and it also contains nutritious cucumber seeds.

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9h2a388Healthy Halwa Recipes: Walnut halwa

5. Singhare Ke Atte Ka Halwa Recipe

Water chestnut, or singhara, is also consumed in the form of flour that is gluten-free and more nutritious than refined flour. This singhara atta halwa is a delicious surprise for those looking for a change from the run-of-the-mill atta halwa.