Apple Music Web Player Beta Is Now Live, Said to Work in All Browsers

Apple Music Web Player Beta Is Now Live, Said to Work in All Browsers

  • Apple Music for Web is now live, in beta
  • It lets you access you music collection, without the need for iTunes
  • A few features are missing but those will be added over time

Apple Music is great but fans of the service have been longing for the ability to access their music library through a Web browser, rather than having to use iTunes. That all changes now, as Apple has finally launched a Web player for Apple Music. It’s currently in beta, but the feature is live at You can access your entire music library but some sections such as ‘TV & Film’ isn’t accessible yet. Still, it’s a long overdue feature and we’re glad Apple has finally launched it.

The Apple Music Web interface has a clean look, with all the main sections listed on the left such as your library and custom playlists as well as the main sections such as For You, Browse and Radio. The interface, according to a report by The Verge, is similar to the new Apple Music app that’s coming in macOS Catalina. According to the report, Apple says that the new Web player should work in all browsers. We tried it on Safari and had no trouble signing in. It should also works on others like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc., too.

If you’re an existing Apple Music user, then all you need to do is enter your Apple ID credentials and complete the two-factor authentication. The Web player will automatically shows you your synced playlists and albums which have been added to your library. It’s a little glitchy at the moment, as at times it simply threw up an “error” message when trying to switch sections but then it worked fine after a while.

There are a few features that are still missing, such as the ability to sign up for the service. If you haven’t enrolled yet, then you’ll need to do this either through your iPhone or iTunes and then come back and sign in. The Beats 1 live broadcast radio station is also missing at the moment and so is the ability to watch Apple’s original music video content. The report states that these will be added over time, including the ability to sign up for Apple Music.